Sports Massage Therapist, Natalie Poynton, RMTNatalie graduated from Medix College in 2012 and has been practicing massage therapy in a clinical setting since.  She is also an instructor at Medix College, teaching assessments and remedial exercise courses, as well as supervising and sharing her passion within the student clinic.

She specializes in; sports massage pre/post natal massage, myofascial release, and manual lymph drainage, Cancer and HIV/AIDS.  Natalie also accepts motor vehicle accident claims.

As a former Personal Training Specialist, Natalie enjoys sharing specialties to encourage the community to join her in living a healthy life style as a sports massage therapist. Natalie continues to fuel her passion for all things wellness and massage by attending conferences, interacting with peers, and keeping up to date with recent studies and techniques.

Currently Natalie is continuing her education with her recent studies with Cranial Sacral techniques.

Her passion for reading, learning, the outdoors, and spending time with her daughter translate well into understanding the need for lifestyle balance and overall wellness.

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