Initial Assessment

During these 50 min I will take you through a Fascial Stretch Therapy session. This allows me to assess restrictions in range of motion, testing ligaments, capsules and muscles. All the while we will be talking about your pain, your habits and your goals. Doing an assessment in this manner allows me to treat at the same time as assessing. I usually do one or two 50 min session to begin with so I get a good understanding of your complaint. During this session will discuss a plan for therapy and I will send you home with one or two exercises to get you started on your way to feeling better.

Follow Up Treatment

Once we have completed one or two facial stretch assessments I will have developed an exercise plan suiting your needs. During these 30 – 45 min follow-up sessions we will do the exercises. For 20 – 25 of these minutes I will work with you to review and tweak the exercises as needed. If hands on therapy is needed we will do it at this time. I will answer any questions during this time as well.  You are welcome to stay to finish up 2-3 sets of the exercises.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

One of my patients has aptly called this treatment “Yoga done for me”. In this 60 min maintenance session I will guide your body through a full set of movement patterns .The aim of this is to release any restrictions that have been built up over time in areas that are overloaded. Often I find patterns of restrictions that relate to work. For example: If you have an office job, often the restrictions will be in the front of your shoulders and hips. To release these restrictions will alleviate  the constant pull on your neck causing neck tightness. You should leave this session feeling loose and light and mobile.  For best maintenance these treatments should be done monthly.