Priska Moser Priska Moser is an Ontartio Certified Physiotherapist. After completing her undergraduate at UofT she moved to Switzerland for her post graduate degree in PT. Priska moved back to Canada in 2005 and has since been working in her field. Priska has experience in treating a variety of injuries, acute and chronic, as well as neuro/geriatrics/cardiac and respiratory care.

Priska is a manual therapist who along with hands on treatment, takes care to form specialized exercise programs that help to address a client’s specific needs.  Priska works to accurately address job/life related habits that often contribute to a client’s pain.

Continuing education is an important part of Priska’s life. She has continued to take multiple courses in a variety of topics, is a Pilates Instructor and a Fascial Stretch Therapist.

Besides addressing specific injuries Priska offers Fascial Stretch Treatments.  These hour long maintenance treatments target the entire joint and joint capsule, using traction to remove restrictions from movement along the entire body.

Besides enjoying her profession, Priska leads a very active lifestyle. Priska enjoyed being on  the UofT Varsity Rowing Team, and continues to maintain her health by playing multiple recreational sports, swimming, snowboarding and hiking. She also enjoys supporting her two daughters in their passion for Ringette.

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