Registered Massage Therapist in Waterloo: Chris Michael, RMTChris Michael graduated from Lambton College in 2005 and is a member of the College of Massage Therapist of Ontario (C.M.T.O). Chris is certified in First aid and CPR and in June of 2012, graduated with distinction from the Paramedic Program at Conestoga College.

Besides having a passion for massage, Chris has a passion for sports which started at a young age. On his spare time he enjoys playing basketball, baseball, hockey and lifting weights. In 2013 Chris competed in his first body building competition with the Ontario Physique Association.

Currently Chris has been working towards a diploma with the C.S.M.T.A (Certified Sports Massage Therapy Association) with an emphasis upon treating athletic injuries. He considers himself very fortunate to have found a balance between a passion for sports and a professional interest in the growing field of sports rehabilitation. Chris currently utilizes a wide range of techniques from Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Esalen Deep Tissue, Soft Tissue Release and Myofascial Release.

The emphasis of his practice over the past few years has evolved from treating the injuries of athletes to evaluating risk and preventing them from getting injured. Chris provides his clients with knowledge and care, emphasizing a healthy active lifestyle. In synchronization with his treatments, Chris incorporates exercise and rehabilitation placing an importance on functional goals and outcomes in order to return clients to their personal best.

Chris has recently joined University of Waterloo swim team as a personal trainer and Massage Therapist and frequently serves as a consulting therapist with the members of the Ontario Physique Association.

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